To make an appointment for psychotherapy, clinical consultation, divorce coaching,
mediation, or professional consultation services, please call or send an email for further

The office is located just one block north and west of Willow Road and the Edens
Expressway (94/41)  at :

466 Central Avenue Suite #27
Northfield IL, 60093
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I have been working with children, adolescents, and families on the North Shore for 19
years.  I am a licensed clinical social worker with a specialty in child and adolescent
psychiatric issues.  My professional experience (
bio) has been working with children,
adolescents, and families to address anxieties, mood disorders, personality issues, and
difficult transitions and adjustments to situations like divorce, frequent moves, school
changes, behavioral challenges and family conflict.  

I offer kids therapy and parents consultation and collaboration to help them face the
unexpected challenges that create havoc in their relationships.  Teaching kids to develop
strategies and coping skills to manage the real stresses in their lives promotes  their sense
of mastery and competence to flourish, which is essential.   Helping kids identify the issues
that create inner turmoil helps free them to seek positive solutions.

Helping parents understand the experiences of their children and their own reactions in
context helps mitigate the chaos that often results when parent and child engage, and
improves communication.   Helping parents and their kids manage the conflicts related to
rules, expectations, and limits, and fears related to managing the world helps restore
relationships that go awry.

I also work with adults and couples in a relational context to help them create positive
changes in their lives.  My goal is to help clients find inner resources to navigate the
complexities of their experience to better manage the demands of their lives with greater
energy and a sense of mastery and stability.

I have worked in community mental health, inpatient child and adolescent psychiatric
services, day treatment programs, at therapeutic day school settings, and in private practice.
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Insurance Information

I do not participate in any insurance panels or group insurance plans.  As an Out-Of-Network
provider, licensed in Illinois to practice clinical social work, you can often obtain significant
reimbursement for my services.  

You should always call your insurance carrier to determine what services they will pay for
and for what type of provider (Ph.D or LCSW or MD) and at what rate so there are no

Also, for people who participate in a Flexible spending FSA or HSA account through their
employer or insurance carrier, my therapy services are eligible expenses and will apply to
that allocation of before tax dollars.


Currently my therapy practice has some available hours after school hours and on
Saturdays.  Therapy times are a 50 minute session that starts on the hour, and are eligible
for out-of-network insurance reimbursement.  Divorce Coaching or Mediation sessions are
generally 1.5 to 2 hours long and are not considered a therapeutic practice.  

Feel Free to call or email me at the address provided to schedule an appointment or to talk
about whether my practice is a good fit for you.  
466 Central Avenue  Suite #27
Northfield, IL 60093
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Psychotherapy, Consultation & Collaborative Divorce
Sasha von Varga, LCSW
When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change
ourselves.  ~Victor Frankl
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