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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce provides clients with specially trained lawyers, divorce coaches and child specialists (mental health practitioners) and financial experts to help develop an out-of-court agreement that retains your privacy and respects the individual particularities of your family.  This model helps parents develop agreements based on their own needs and interests, as parents, in financial matters, and uses the process as a venue for exploring decisions about the future in a very thoughtful and mutually respectful manner.  This process, unlike all the others, is future focused, and strives to engage clients in real-time reality-testing about their proposed solutions so that the liklihood of having unresolved future post-decree battles is signifcantly reduced.

Collaborative Divorce, unlike litigation: 

·         Promotes open communication

·         Encourages mutual respect

·         Prevents power-based and often protracted legal battles and maneuvering. 

·         Protects family privacy and confidentiality

·         Educates parents to develop a parenting process that supports the creation of two households that respect mutuality and difference.

Here is a link to an informative video about what Collaborative divorce looks like from the couple's vantage point:  http://video.collaborativepractice.com/video/default.html

This brief overview is not a comprehensive detailing of all the differences between options, but illustrates some basic comparisons.  Feel free to call to set a time to talk about this in greater detail.

For more information about Collaborative divorce and whether it's right for you, click on the link below:


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