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Divorce and Therapy Services Provided

Solution Pathway

Psychotherapy Services

  • Psychotherapy

  • Individual Adult and Teen Psychotherapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Child Talk and Play Therapy
  • Parent Guidance and Education

We provide individual, couples and family therapy for clients aged 5-105 years of age.

Our treatment specializations include working with:

Child Play and Talk therapy and Adolescent Therapy (Ages 5-24)

  • Anxiety and Depression- school avoidance, social anxiety, generalized anxiety and mood
  • Attention deficit issues, behavioral challenges, oppositional defiance,
  • learning disabilities and their impact on the child and learning environment issues
  • parent-child conflicts
  • Parenting guidance, education, and support
  • Adult individual therapy (adult anxiety, depression, ADD, workplace and career satisfaction issues, relationship issues, stress management).
  • Couples and Marital Relationship Issues.
  • Family Therapy (process-oriented relationship and conflict resolution)
  • Career related communication coaching and workplace issues

Feel free to call or email vonvarga@yahoo.com for more information, or set up an appointment request through the website.  We welcome your call.

Marriage and Divorce Lane

Divorce Services  

For partners who have made the decision to end their marriage or non-marital or non-traditional partnership, we work with the partners to establish lasting agreements that will strive to honor and respect the positive elements of the history they share.  When spouses or partners work together mindfully to negotiate a successful settlement, they are free to move forward with a greater sense of surety about the future.  A conscious and mindful approach to divorce while un-coupling can also assure the least disruption to the lives of your children, as a plan for shared parenting and clear communication is emphasized.  To that end our practice includes specialized training in the following:

  • Divorce Mediation
  • Collaborative Divorce Coaching
  • Divorce Child Specialist work

From beginning to end of the separation process, we work with parties to understand the process and content involved in divorce.  We educate parties to understand the language, the timelines, the expectations of professionals, and THEIR OWN AGENCY in the divorce process.  In alternative dispute resolution, the creativity of parents as they establishing clear expectations about their roles in the future for their children, and develop new boundaries of their new relationship as co-parents, this allows for reduced potential for conflict between parents (which is currently the ONLY statistically significant factor impacting children post divorce).  

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