We PREFER to provide IN-Person therapy, especially for children and families.

Relationships occur in a co-created space in real time.  Children especially also communicate a great deal of information non-verbally, and express their concerns, worries, fears, and challenges whatever they may be through their bodies and behaviors.  These cannot be observed and experienced via a two-way screen. 

Solution Pathway

  • Individual Therapy for Children, Teens, and Adults:

Children, teens, and adults each approach their problems from differing levels of life-experience and developmentally varied problem-solving skill sets.  They also have differing neurological availability to the resources and strategies that their brains can employ.

At Collaborators, Inc., we work with people where they are in time, place, development, neurology, and life space.  Hearing people process their experiences in this way, and joining with them in making sense of challenges, relationship issues, conflicts, and family history issues makes for a context where people can find NEW ways to experience their journey with a sense of greater clarity, new choices, and a deeper sense of meaning and focus (See more details below).

  • Parenting Guidance, Education, and Support

Parents are faced with an ever-changing landscape beyond previous generations, where “screen-time” demonstrably contributes to increases in anxiety, depression, social issues in a way that most parents today never had to face- and have difficulty relating to effectively.

Recent data indicates that rates of anxiety and depression in our teens are up as much as 59% in the last 15 years in relation to screen issues among others.  In fact, the way kids are relating to each other is not how we related to each other.  Kids today are not doing it all wrong, but as pioneers in the Tech age, they do need our help and support in navigating and understanding the challenges that exist.

At Collaborators, Inc., we know what parents are faced with having to manage childhood depression, anxiety and OCD, and how children and families can work together to navigate the Straits and Narrows of these issues.  Having a place to relate your child's experiences, and talk about their social and the family's isolation in the toughest times can really help.  Talking about the emotional strain managing anxiety and depression and the intense sense of helplessness that often results can help parents manage the fallout and isolation of parenting from that difficult place.  Learning how to support, validate, and reconnecting to your child helps heal and inoculate your family against the harshest mental health issues of our time- anxiety and depression.

  • Family and Couples Therapy

The interplay of people in a complex relationship leads to conflicts, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and challenging emotions when efforts to communicate or efforts to avoid or engage in conflict become the tug-of-war in a relationship.  Opposing views and attitudes can lead to increasing avoidance or conflict and estrange loving partners and family members from what they seek most- a sense of belonging, feeling secure and cared for, and validated by their people.

We work with people where they are and help them develop inroads to eliminate impasse and conflict.  Being able to share our feelings and thoughts and feel safe and respected is what we strive to have our clients create at home.  Learning new ways to initiate conversation and maintaining a safe environment to share and feel respected are among the goals for creating a healthier and more cohesive family or partner unit that is more resilient to the challenges of an already stressful daily life.

Clinical research data suggests that couples enter therapy 4-6 years after it would have been most helpful.  People often avoid certain challenges because the momentary discomfort of the challenge feels greater than what we can bear.  More often, people create a crisis out of what they do not bear.  Finding inroads to effective communication are key in changing what feels like competing interests into common understandings

Some more details:

Child and Adolescent Therapy Specifics:

We provide Child Play and Talk therapy and Adolescent Therapy and Family Therapy  (Ages 5-24) addressing:

  • Anxiety and Depression- school avoidance, social anxiety, generalized anxiety and mood disorders including suicidal ideation, obsessive-compulsive thoughts and behaviors,
  • Attention deficit issues, behavioral challenges, oppositional defiance, social impact and coping skills
  • learning disabilities and their impact on the child and learning environment issues
  • managing parent-child relationship conflicts
  • secondary substance abuse related to mood disorders etc.

We provide Adult individual therapy (18-)

  • anxiety and depression
  • Adult ADD
  • workplace and career satisfaction issues,
  • relationship issues
  • stress management
  • mindfulness practice, balancing work/life realities, managing competing life goals and concerns
  • dealing with family of origin issues and trauma

Feel free to call or email [email protected] for more information, or set up an appointment request through the website.  We welcome your call.


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